One of  Replica Omega Constellation watches most popular retro models was the “Paipan” constellation released in 1952 (Ref. 168010). This watch is just the beginning of the success story of the Constellation series. This is always fine style, high quality craftsmanship. The iconic styling of the first constellation dial, slightly it became like a 12-cornered dome facing the time mark, similar to the upward bald head, and quickly became a nickname for the watch it was. The constellation model of the 1950s and 1960s, through its sophisticated mechanical core, excels in its outstanding design.

As a true fake Omega watch, the constellation line shows the skilled craftsmanship. This antique watch uses a certified chronometer to achieve excellent rate accuracy. In the case of many constellation watches, there is an fake Omega watch that is a perfect request for accuracy. There are eight stars around the Geneva Observatory. This is also a commemoration of fake Omega watch many victories at the Observatory.

The original “shaved head” model is today considered to be beyond the popular era antique watches, you can look at the relatively cheap price in the second-hand market. It is also important to note that certain models can achieve record prices. In June 2012, the Elvis Presley constellation sold over £24,000 at the Antiochum New York auction. The Presley constellation shines with delicate rose gold, a black dial, and a 60s calendar.
A series of special editions announced in 1982 in the 1970s, the constellation Manhattan was designed by Carol Didisheim (Ref.DD 398.0866) has been announced. At the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock marked borders, new design criteria have been adopted, equipped with claws or “characters” to stand out. The nails firmly fix the sapphire crystal glass, so it also has additional functions.
At the same time, the first luxurious and elegant design is equipped with a quartz movement. However, in 1985, the Manhattan Constellation was later certified as an observatory according to automated calibre and traditional equipment.
Today, the popularity of the watch family Omega has been enhanced by multiple reconstructions and special editions, and the current model still retains the basic features of the first-place Manhattan. Nobel Peace Prize winners such as Gorbachev’s watch, the legend of watch fame has been known for the first time.
In astronomy, the term constellation refers to a predictable constellation that moves through a persistent depository of celestial bodies. What is the name of a series of names and synonymous with the World Observatory?
In watchmaking, the naming constellation is the family that replica Omega watches has introduced since 1952 and has been in contact with technology to produce the highest level of high-end watches. The elegant and elegant combination of the case and dial always achieve ultra-precise movement.
Marked by this line, fake Omega is the Observatory reminiscent of the Geneva Observatory, which was re-established with its own accurate record in 1951, and located at the Geneva Observatory in 1931. The classic appearance of the observatory’s cupola has broken the accuracy of all categories. Records, such as a clean scan.
The vanguard of the constellation line is, no doubt, a suitable name for the “Century”, which was released in 1948 as a limited edition self-winding chronograph watch for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company. This watch is not suitable for mass production purposes, the decision on the industrial scale, so that the same quality of the watch has been welcomed with great enthusiasm. It started with an automatic chronograph and received the word “excellent good results” during the test.

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