As you can see, Santos has a fairly strong history and relatively fixed design code. It is very difficult to reform such matters and balance the respects and fresh wishes of the past. But Replica Cartier Santos watches rocked his fence in such a way that Hank Aaron blushed. They threw things and brought new ideas to the table, not afraid to create Santos felt wrong today.
In addition to modern watches, there is a modern marketing strategy. It is easy to forget the bubbles in our small watch world, most watches are not purchased by “watchers”. Most watches are purchased by people who want to get benefits on the wrist. They want to buy a brand image and lifestyle. They want to tell something by wearing Replica Cartier Santos watches Santos instead of generic whosie-whatsit. It is unimportant to either sponsor a non-traditional conference in San Francisco or build a peripheral product for a particular image by registering Jack Gyllenhaal as the brand spokesperson, rather than making a good product from the beginning.
Cartier’s director of international marketing communications, this month at the start of San Francisco’s Arnold Carrez Santos, “Replica Cartier watches is a contradictory tension in the United States and the United States.” I always balance, Santos is also this point. The combination of the United States and the United States is a narration for all-weather modernization. We just want to find out often. There is a great sign of how modern and relevant.

I decided to launch a watch for the first time in San Francisco in three days, such as the TED conference rather than the watch sale. Replaced by champagne flute and conversation, there is also at the dock, which is re-used, actor Idriss Elba, chef Alice Waters, designer, artist, creativity and arts, such as Ess Devine Do a group discussion to build a juice bar. There is a concert at Hot Chip, Phoenix, Jamie XX in the night festival. As I said – this is not your usual gorgeous Swiss watch event (I believe this, I think this is the standard).

Carrez said he thinks that in a little bit of boring “people are always events. In San Francisco,” Well now, we have created what you know, and one must be unique. We have the entity you have. There is a content, do not be afraid of bold ideas, we are very good resonance here in San Francisco, leading other communities “continue, Carrez marketing and positioning is such that I emphasized the role of launch. “This is a subtle action, but very Excited. Santos is the whole universe, the soul. It is necessary to use its advantages. I think we did it. We don’t like routines as we break through boundaries.

The new Replica Cartier Santos watches is not a clock but a series of watches. There are 12 models divided into two sizes (medium and large). Two out of twelve are special large-scale skeletonized versions. We ignore them, mainly because they are another beast. However, all the models will share the main qualities, but in reality the series feels like a single family with different preferences and diversity.

I think that the watch is a purely global performance and I spent time with Santos and stainless steel in the medium term.
Watching Santos, you will notice that this is not the same as the watch you saw before. The case is still an ordinary rectangle, but this time there is considerable curvature. The medium model is 35.1mm x 41.9mm (39.8mm x 47.5mm), but if you are new to talk about twenty-four hours, it is difficult to understand what these sizes mean. I tried it and tried a round watch of various sizes. In my totally subjective and unscientific view, it is like a 39 mm watch, like a 42 mm watch.
The new form of lug can clearly see this curve, how easy it looks to flow into the crown? The new Santos box has many details, especially the right side that looks like steel-like waves. The use of the brush surface along the top and side surfaces adds a softer definition of softness and requires a slender bevel at the edges. Because the case thickness is only 8.83 mm, it is very slim and perfectly integrated with the watch chain.

However, the biggest change is the baffle. It is still square, but it is no longer a full rounded rectangle screwed into the case. In the upper and lower parts, it extends slightly and sags between the carpets. The idea here is to make bracelets and straps more integrated.

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