The aesthetics of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual model distinguishes them as symbols of a universal and classical style. They embody an eternal form and function, deeply rooted in the origins of replica Rolex watches entrepreneurship. Original simplicity.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 ref was introduced at Basel Watch 2015 in 2015. 114300 is very popular. The award-winning recipe is a simple, clean, perfect ratio of Rolex watches, manufactured according to high crown and twisted standards creating four color buttons, most importantly, cheap. Although there is no further development for three years, but Oyster Perpetual 39 in Baselworld 2018 is a very cautious comeback, introducing two new calls with black or white – in a sense, it can not be our long-term product, “polar explorers” (see estimates we are Rolex 2018), we are getting bigger today.

Three years ago I wrote an introductory article, we monochrome on OP39 (Rolex 39 Ref.114300 unofficial name) said: “chase this high quality, durable, watchful wise Due to its reasonable diameter and thickness, it feels comfortable and looks good in every circumstance.This is the definition of regular watches. “Three years later, our opinions have not changed. The stylish, unique displays, pure design, elegant proportions and sporty / casualowemu clothing, this is one of the best choices for watch collection. A true SUV watch overcomes most of the region.
Both the real sports watches, as well as the proper watches for clothing, the OP 39 contradictions make it very versatile. Believe it or not, most watchmakers only need an hour in their lives. This means that they need a watch that is suitable for clothes, sport shoes, or swimming trunks. If you think about it, finding it is not easy. However, the OP 39 with modern proportions, clean dial, solid case and strap / strap and flawless screen to complete the offer – is perfect.
2015, re-launches the Perfect Rolex Perpetual watches Series – this is an entry-level watch brand – with four different sizes: 26mm and 31mm versions of two women, 34mm (diameter OP history) Unisex Options There are also men, but a balanced variant of 39 mm – You can see here recommended by us every day change in MONOCHROME. Three different targets were delivered during this time: dark, light blue, red red wine, light blue green. This year we have two new, monochromatic and fairly classic versions: one black and the other white and the other by far the most interesting version.

Unlike the other four versions, this new blade version is matte and slightly textured – the other version has a shield that is brushed with a sun pattern. Here, everything about simplicity and self-control. On this white dial we have the usual perfect Rolex watch suspects: a commander full of light blue Chromalight Rolex, time (also glowing), black minutes and 5 minutes. Even 39 Oyster Perpetual Ref. 114 300 watches of this entry-level brand, hand and indicator use 18k fine white gold and full 30K gold with the exact same information after the date is made.
Housing and bracelets are unchanged and in accordance with pure watches design: a relatively smooth surface housing square and polished surfaces, relatively thin straps, polished polished vaults, three scene Oyster bracelets and smooth surfaces (no centering polishing). In short, this watch is durable and durable, suitable for athletes and is ideal for office use.

There is no change in this case. Rolex continues to move previous generations and updated models of the 32xx series – in fact that is not a bad thing, because no one complains about the caliber 3132 has a solid feature of many modern components, such as the blue “Parachrom.” As the most sophisticated observatory – this means that this sport is certified for the first time by the COSC, and then again tested and certified after the workout inside – very accurate. This means that the accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds per day and the warranty period is 5 years.

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