The perfect Rolex watch, reference number 216570, and Submariner, GMT Master and Datejust, make up the most famous Rolex watch. Although the Explorer model is the same as the other models, it was a child in the late 1950s; unlike other products, it has two existing models that are both popular and very different. The first model, the Rolex Explorer, is 39 mm, closer to the original version, while the Explorer  is 42 mm, which is more suitable for modern tastes. In this article, I saw the latest model. Although the model of any Rolex Explorer is a solid instrument, in this review, I don’t think of it as an adventure on mountain hiking, but I am doing a modern exploration. My account is based on his travels in Asia for a month, exploring distant lands, ancient people and fascinating cultures: China.
First of all, the Cheap Rolex Explorer watches was one of the first watches designed for exploration, especially exploring new land and different terrain. Although today Casio Baojie or similar multi-function solar watches will be happy to serve you for a long journey, in the 1950s and early 1960s, when we experienced the extreme and the world’s highest mountain real exploration, no clock Quartz exists. Even today, if I try to explore the poles of the earth or climb mountains. Everest, Rolex Explorer is still a better choice than quartz equipment because they are affected by exposure to high temperatures and low temperatures and rely on external energy sources. However, the Cheap Rolex Explorer watches is guaranteed to operate normally, even in extreme temperature gradients and without power, except to wear it and move it a little (or wrap the crown) every day.

So, when I was in my “Expedition” with the perfect Rolex watch, I took him to extreme conditions and I have led to a typical journey of modernity, including airports, business meetings, corporate outings, fitness, and You can visit the outside in a remote place. In all cases, the best thing is that Rolex Explorer has never felt inappropriate.
At the airport, the first step is to set the local time and family time to PDT. When the plane took off, we got the indication of Beijing time. With the quick setting function on the hour hand, I just pulled the crown and moved forward about 8 time zones in China. It is worth noting that unlike many big countries, China has a time zone! If you are in the east or west of China, it doesn’t matter, only one. This is very easy for me to do, I think, but I think that the Chinese have very different experiences in this year, depending on the side of the country in which they live.

One of the benefits of Rolex sports watches, especially the modern version, is that they are often versatile. In other words, they are suitable for business and leisure occasions as well as specially designed sports venues. Therefore, I have never used any other watches during my one-month visit and in various meetings at all levels of the organization. The perfect Rolex watch is perfect.

Its impressive 42mm brushed stainless steel case (water resistant to 100 meters) can be a minor issue if you need a button for formal activity because its wrist is 12mm high. However, this is not my case, and it fits well under all my shirts, even if I wear a sports jacket on the cold gray winter night in Beijing.
In addition to the occasional use of visiting Beijing, I have had the opportunity to have a big city for the most suitable source of perfect Rolex watch, when I did the Great Wall for a half-day trip to China. First of all, the Great Wall is very unusual and extends for miles. People on this great land built a 20-foot-wide wall that squats on the high mountains of northern China, helping to separate it from the Mongol invasions of centuries. It is often considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World and has long been the only man-made structure visible from space.

Arriving at the Great Wall means riding a small Russian car like a roller coaster. We bring hundreds of feet of altitude into the mountains and into the real walls. Of course, once, the interesting part came. Depending on your fitness level and pre-dawn time, you can easily walk and climb this incredible structure for miles. I challenge myself to reach at least four towers with a journey of about 10k. Hell, I just finished.

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