As early as January, buy Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph watches has released the first new series with Georges Kern. We say that the Navitimer 8 Collection is controversial (if you ask me, this is an understatement). Many fans are awed by the “first Breitling they once liked”, but they have been accumulating by long-established fans. They said, “Where is the ruler ruler? This is not Navitimer. Give it to yourself. The series! “Well, both sides can relax tonight, because Breitling has announced the release of their Navitimer 1 B01 chronographs 43 and 46, which feature a two-way rotating bezel and sliding rules that make Navitimer… erm , a Navitimer.

I will be completely honest – I am a member of the latter and he is not satisfied with the rework of the Navitimer series. When the re-working whisper spread throughout the industry, I was both excited and nervous – especially George made one of my favorite models the first attempt of his brand. I have to admit that when I saw them, I was very disappointed with the results. They have never really grown up, this is something that fake Breitling watches tends to do. I think they are seriously lacking in making Navitimer so easy to identify.

That being said, I forgave them. I am very happy that these announcements were released suddenly this morning. The sliding rule bezel is there, and the overall design quality leads the retro glory of the original Navitimer, but it adds a modern and stylish look to the actual iconic watch. It is worth noting that all models include a contrasting sub-dial that provides the watch with a modern look of modern panda/reverse pandas and is not standard on this model. In addition, these models use the new Breitling logo, which excludes the wings of perfect Breitling watches – I will definitely come up with a complaint immediately. In addition, this watch features Breitling’s highly respected B01 Calibre watch in steel, two-tone red gold and steel, and a red gold version.

Considering the history of Navitimer, the size of 46 mm will cause some controversy, but I think this is largely reasonable. The 43mm can still be used in the new series, so increasing the size to 46mm offers several options for those who want their red gold case to be noticed by the larger wrist.
When I type, I can hear the buzz of brand fans. Also, I can hear the accumulation “Oh. Well, I feel stupid.” Because of the re-work, the people who actually wrote the brand (seriously, they are all on the Internet). for me? I differed slightly from the two and withdrew the embarrassing and dramatic statement that copy Breitling watches lost some of the DNA – because it clearly got enough attention there.

Pricing is a bit cumbersome, so please be patient. For the Navitimer B01 chronograph 43, the price of the red gold case is $21,520, while the price for two-color steel and gold is $10,220. For the Steel case, the silver dial with stainless steel bracelet is priced at $9,160 and the blue dial on the leather dial is priced at $8,590. For the Navitimer B01 chronograph, the anthracite and silver dials are made of red gold with a black or brown crocodile strap and the price is quite steep.

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